Advantages to Belonging to the Chamber

Everyone wants to belong, whether it’s belonging to a service club, group of friends, or just a family, belonging is a sense of having a stake in something bigger than yourself. Belonging to the Chamber is like belonging to a family. We share common interests, like the economy, legislation and we even share the need to connect with others whom we belong with. A wise person once said, people do business with people they know. Well the Chamber has known that for years, and we’ve even built in a core practice that commits this organization in developing programs that hinge on connecting people with people so they can get to know one another.

Belonging from a community perspective is about uniting our voices, to ensure business can continue to be vibrant, so jobs can be created and kept, and prosperity can be generated for this and advanced generations. We’ve got a lot going for us in Prescott-Russell, we have a fantastic location, we have a diverse economic structure and we have a Chamber of Commerce that is committed to growing our community in a manner that speaks to culture, prosperity, health and safety. Belonging to the Chamber strengthens our voice and empowers the business community to keep our community progressive. We have a lot of work to do, that’s why we invite you to belong, be part of our corporate family, get to know more like-minded entrepreneurs and help us build the community we all want.

We are not a chamber of yesterday. Instead, we are defining the chambers of tomorrow.

As a Chamber Member, you can expect…

Networking - Assistance with the growth of your business.

Networking is one of the most common reasons businesses join the Chamber. Your participation in Chamber events such as our annual Golf Tournament, Mayors’ Breakfast or our regular Wine & Cheese get-togethers, allow for introductions to other businesses and individuals,  allowing you to develop relationships with other members. The Chamber also offers other promotional and advertising opportunities through all our special events and online announcements.

Political Representation

The Chamber is the “Voice of Business” for the Prescott Russell business community at all levels of government. We also interpret various policies and distribute the information through our Chamber newsletter and social media pages.

To keep you informed.

The Chamber communicates with its members in several ways through our email newsletter, social media, and regular networking events 

Web site

Your company will be listed on our new website with a direct link to your site. Many referrals are generated through our online business directory. Businesses find what we’re doing to be relevant to today’s business. We think we’re doing innovative things for CCPRCC, and if you would like to align your business with our work – we invite you to complete an online application. (link)